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Get rid of old electronics, green style // 08.17.2009

I just found a cool website that will give you money (or give money to the charity you choose) for your old electronic gadgets - www.gazelle.com and equally, or more important, keep them out of landfills.   On their site, they state that about 80% of gadgets that they receive end up finding a new home.  If they don't, the company only works with the highest quality recyclers to... More »

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Sustainable Travel tips // 03.07.2009

The most recent issue of "Experience Life" magazine (Lifetime Fitness' publication) had some resources for how to travel without taking "a major toll on Mother Earth."

Hotels - find out which ones have green practices - www.ecohotelsoftheworld.com and www.environmentallyfriendlyhotels.com

Airlines - many use carbon-offset practices - learn more at www.edf.org

For more information on sustainable... More »

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Sell Coffee & Save the World from Bitterness // 02.04.2009

I recently heard a radio ad for the Luzianne company that struck me as incredibly cool & creative.  They are pitching their new coffee with a twist --

"If we can take the bitterness out of our coffee,

why can't we take it out of our lives altogether?"

What a unique way to blend (pun-intended) your product-related message with a world-changing effort?  Their site - www.endbitterness.com - includes a declaration of non-bitter... More »

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Fantasy Football & Stop Hunger Now - What's the Connection? // 12.30.2008

I recently won the Yahoo! Fantasy Football league that I am in with 7 of my old friends from high school. We said we would throw in $75 each and winner takes all. On the surface, I saw this as a quick $525 for me and some bragging rights for a year. Like many others, 2008 was not a great year for me financially so it would have been very easy to just collect the cash and replenish the old... More »

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Yahoo! may help us Stop Hunger Now // 12.09.2008

It is so interesting that people can talk, but you don't hear them - I mean really hear what they are saying - until you are ready. I've been to a bazillion leads group & networking meetings over the years. There is often a portion of the meeting where people are encouraged to share information about upcoming networking, church & volunteer events. This past week I was at one such meeting and... More »

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Start with the little things // 10.31.2008

So I got to meet Tim and hear him speak at SAS Institute in Cary, NC yesterday. What a treat! After 4 years of emailing, we finally got to shake hands and talk a bit.
Needless to say, his talk was fantastic -- well-researched, passionate, from the heart and humorous.

I have always tried to find the little things that I can do to a make a difference in terms of conservation. My most recent one... More »

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